Giving Back for a Lifetime of Enrichment

Michael and Holly Reiter with one of the Keno brothers

Michael Reiter grew up listening to WFMT and watching WTTW. Both Holly and Michael have had an affinity for PBS and classical music from an early age. Michael said he remembers his father always had the radio tuned to WFMT. Holly’s father had an excellent voice and loved to sing. He had a passion for classical music, especially opera, and was a supernumerary in the Metropolitan Opera in New York as a young man. She became a fan of WFMT after she and Michael moved to Chicago in 1973.

Michael and Holly are very involved in the arts in Chicago and believe in giving back to the organization that gives them so much enjoyment. They travel extensively all over the world and have not found any other stations that have the same quality of programming as WTTW and WFMT. Some of their favorite programs on WFMT are from the Recording Horn with Andy Karzas, The Midnight Special with Rich Warren, and Lisa Flynn’s New Releases. Michael has been a guest on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight a handful of times. He and Holly’s favorite programming on WTTW include Chicago Tonight, The NewsHour, and Frontline.

WTTW and WFMT enriches Michael and Holly’s lives everyday. They have provided for WTTW and WFMT as beneficiaries of their will to ensure that future generations will be exposed to the same quality of music and shows they enjoy today.  Michael and Holly describe our station as a “lighthouse in the storm; no other stations compare,” and their gift has made them members of the Newton N. Minow Founders Society.

You can find more information about our Newton N. Minow Founders Society and how to give in the following articles. You can also find information on our websites at and or by calling Kathy Kielar at 773-509-5553.



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